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Abortion is a very touchy issue, hence, the reason for the controversy behind it. Most people tend to hear more from the protesters who claim abortion is good, healthy, and of little or no harm to anybody. The question is, are they telling you the truth?

It is not until recently that women around the world began questioning the intentions of pro-choice people. Their voices are often heard the loudest at rallies, but do you ever take the time to consider what these people are actually promoting? Well, let's take a few minutes to take a lesson on this subject that causes the blood of some people to burn within them while causing others to cringe.

What is Abortion?

Honestly speaking, it is the murder of a child. Clinicians sell abortion as a process of elimination, as cruel or insensitive as that may sound, but they wouldn't dare state it as harshly.

Does a Child Really Die?

As early as 3-7 days after conception, a tiny human is implanted in it's mother's uterus, and by the 18th day, the heart begins to beat. Prior to this, at the moment of fertilization, the cell produced contains the genetic makeup for every detail of human development: from your child's sex, hair and eye color, height, to skin tone, making the child a being in preparation. This is evidence enough that a fetus is a human being.

With each passing day after that, this human develops more and more into a smaller version of you. The only difference between you and this being is that it totally depends on you for its existence. This being lives, breathes, and exists as long as you, the mother, are willing to allow it to.

By the 16th week, the genital organs are clearly differentiated; he/she kicks, swims, and somersaults, movements that can all be felt by the mother. By the 18th week, this little part of you can cry; it's vocal cords work. In consecutive weeks, your baby begins to grow hair on his or her head, and continues to grow in length.

Why do People Opt for Abortions?

One of the main reasons women and their male counterparts opt for abortions is usually so that they can be free from the burden of raising a child. The idea of having this particular baby weighs on them like a constant burden, until they find their way to rid themselves of it, which is generally abortion.

Some other people feel childbearing is an inconvenience. When pregnant, priorities seem to surface. It is then that younger women remember they haven't completed their education and realize they still have their whole lives ahead of them. That's when selfishness sets in. They feel it will take too much to give a child up for adoption; plus, they are not willing to carry the child for 8 months and go through the pain of delivery.

The simple fact is that if women choose to have sex, they should be willing to reap the consequences of whatever comes from those few intimate moments of sexual gratification. Yes, the man is also responsible for the child, but since it is not his body the child is growing in, he does not feel a connection with the child the same way the mother does. With this in mind, women who often give in to the idea of abortion are usually pressured into it by the males they are intimate with. In most cases, these women find it difficult to fight for the life of their babies for fear that they will lose these men.

In instances of rape and incest, as unbelievable as it may sound, many victims do not opt for abortions. In the case of incest, bearing a child usually helps the victim prove the act of sexual abuse. Women who have been raped sometimes see abortion as additional pain and suffering. A part of themselves they lose to the man who rapes them is almost as significant as the child they would be losing in the process of abortion. To them, it is agony all over again, and this time, since the child is a part of them, it is just like giving something precious up, as if the man has won. Those who cannot bear living with children brought about by rape or incest often give their babies up for adoption.

If these women who have been sexually violated can still have the heart to go through pregnancy and delivery, despite their circumstances, then there really isn't any excuse for anyone to even consider abortion. If you were born with a disability, would you want your parents to love you any less? Think about it.

What Kinds of Abortions are Available?

Suction Abortion: This method of abortion involves the use of a tube which has a strong suctioning ability. It has been said that this machine has a suctioning strength about 27 times that of a household vacuum cleaner. This device is inserted into the womb of the woman, and the forceful suction rips the baby into pieces, separating it limb from limb. The baby, along with the placenta, is sucked form the womb and then disposed of in a waste bin of some sort. This method is usually only used in the first three months of pregnancy.

Dilation and Curettage: In this case, the mother's cervix is dilated and ring forceps are inserted in her womb. Piece by piece, the baby is extracted, and a sharp loop-shaped knife is inserted back into the mother and used to scrape away the remnants of the baby or placenta. This method is normally used at the end of the third month of pregnancy, or the beginning of the second trimester, and profuse bleeding tends to follow.

Dilation and Extraction: After the thirteenth week or pregnancy, this method is used. Like the previous method, the mother's cervix is dilated. The unborn baby is dismembered with the aid of forceps resembling pliers. The leg of the baby is usually targeted in this particular case. With the use of these forceps, the leg or any body part that it takes a hold of, tears form the baby's body. The forceps are twisted upon grasping a body part such as the leg, and the force used to pull it out snaps the baby's spine and crushed the skull.

In order to ensure no remnants of the baby are left in the womb of the woman, the pieces of the baby are reassembled. However, it is unusual that this is possible, and baby parts are often left inside the woman's womb. This situation tends to be the cause of serious complications during this procedure, and death sometimes occurs.

Partial-Birth Abortion: From the fourth month up until the end of pregnancy, this method is used. The babies killed in these instances are often healthy and pose no problem to the mother.

The abortionist locates the unborn baby's legs by ultrasound and uses forceps to pry the legs through the birth canal. The baby is delivered feet first, with the exception of the head. A pair of scissors is used to puncture the base of the baby's head. A suction device is utilized, but in this case, the brain of the baby is suctioned out, leaving the skull, which collapses, and the dead baby is removed.

Saline Amniocentesis: This method is not commonly used anymore because of its potential ability to endanger the mother. Also, this procedure sometimes concludes with the baby still being alive.

After 16 weeks, the amniotic fluid is injected with a concentrated salt solution, which is meant to poison the baby. The baby breathes and swallows it and usually dies over an hour later. The baby is then delivered burned and dead.

Prostaglandin: This method is used in late term pregnancies. Prostaglandin is injected into the amniotic sac of the mother, resulting in premature labor and the delivery of a dead baby.

Inner-cardiac Injections: With this method, a long needle is inserted through the mother's abdomen into the chest or heart of the fetus. Poison is injected into the child, and the dead baby is absorbed. In the case of multi-fetal pregnancies, there have been instances where all the babies have been lost.

Chemical Abortions: The Pill, RU486, IUD's, etc. are all considered early abortion methods. For instance, the Pill has a "back up" abortifacient action that works to kill baby very early in its development, if ovulation occurs and conception takes place. It has been estimated that chemical 'contraceptives' cause about 7 to 13 million early abortions annually in the United States.

Are There Any Advantages to Abortion?
If you consider the chance of possibly never being able to bear a child again an advantage, then I guess abortion is advantageous.

Is the idea of being able to weigh the importance of a human being's existence in your hands cool to you? Is being capable of sentencing an innocent child to death without the right to live an advantage to you? If you can answer either of these questions with a "yes", then abortion is just the thing for you.

I Know There Are Disadvantages--What Are They?
When a woman has an abortion, the problem of being pregnant seems greater than any difficulty she can possibly face while undergoing the procedure of abortion. Abortionists puff up the idea of abortion to make the mother, who ends up a victim, think it's the best option and free of any further burden.

However, what they fail to mention is the side effects, both immediate and subsequent. They do not tell these women that the immediate possible effects on the body include:

  • a punctured uterus
  • damage to other organs
  • hysterectomy
  • excessive bleeding
  • intense pain
  • parts of the baby may be left inside her
  • shock or coma
  • death

They don't state problems that could arise later on, even if there are no immediate signs of problems. They don't tell women that after an abortion, there might be a chance that they become barren. They also leave out necessary information like the fact that she could have miscarriages/stillbirths in the future, and get pelvic inflammatory disease. Besides physical effects on a woman, abortion also has negative consequences on her emotions. The most common emotions a woman experience s after an abortion are:

  • guilt/inability to forgive herself
  • desire to become pregnant again
  • emotional numbness
  • depression/frequent crying
  • sexual problems
  • lowered self-esteem
  • inability to communicate
  • drug or alcohol abuse
  • anger/rage
  • intense grief/sadness
  • suicidal urges

What is Post Abortion Syndrome?
After a woman undergoes an abortion, despite her feelings prior to the operation, she often suffers from mental and emotional distress. The events and behavioral problems that occur as a result of these feelings are considered symptoms of Post Abortion Syndrome. Some of the events these women encounter, from the most frequent to infrequent, are:

  • preoccupation with the aborted child
  • flashbacks of the abortion experience
  • feelings of "craziness"
  • nightmares related to the abortion
  • perceived visitation from the aborted child
  • hallucinations related to the abortion

What Have Other Women Experienced With Abortion?
Michelle Madden was an 18 year-old college freshman when she was told that the drugs she was taking for her epilepsy would result in her child being born deformed. Three days after her abortion, she collapsed and was taken to the hospital. Once at the hospital, the doctors found a leg bone, two pieces of her baby's skull and some placenta inside Michelle's uterus. Three days after her hospital admission, she died as a result of a blood infection due to the abortion. (The Mobile Press Register, 06/06/91 and 06/19/91)

Cheryl, a 22 year-old, suffered a three and a half-inch laceration of her uterus and a one-inch laceration of her colon. The following day, she was hospitalized with symptoms of these complications and doctors discovered that the head of her fetus had been pushed through the uterine laceration into the abdominal cavity. She required a hysterectomy, a colostomy, and six units of blood. (Texas Autopsy Report No. 0120-82-0057; Texas Death Certificate No 01316)

Mary Pena, a 43 year-old mother of five, underwent a second-trimester abortion in December 1984. She ended up having a hysterectomy performed on her due to sever bleeding resulting from the abortion. During recovery from the operations, she started bleeding again and went into shock. The bleeding was unstoppable, and she died on the operating table.

Mary's death was found to be as a result of a cervical laceration due to the abortion. The medical examiner noted that Mary's cervix was cut extensively and that the uterus lining had hemorrhaged. The medial examiner also concluded that the surgeon had cut almost one pound of her flesh. The body of Mary's 22-week old baby girl, whose head had been cut off, was also found in Mary's Uterus. (Los Angeles County coroner report 84-16016)

The "...But Abortion Doesn't Affect Men" Myth

It has been proven that the reason most women opt for abortions is the fact that their male counterparts do not support their idea of keeping the child. The fear of going through pregnancy and parenting alone scares these women, and the feel their only option is to abort the life within them.

Despite these feelings, it is important for women to know that many men, when they realize the impact of the actions, regret their lack of support. It often takes infertility in future relationships or the opportunity to learn more about abortion to wake them up.

Any man who claims to love you but insists on you having an abortion does not respect you; his selfishness consumes him. His ignorance about abortion should not cause you to kill your baby and risk your life. Don't live to regret this. The following are testimonies from men whose girlfriends or wives have had abortions.

Life after deciding to abort will never be totally free from the difficulties and the pain that having an abortion will provide. Dealing with it is hard, and it can have a negative effect on all your future relationships with women and babies. - Ron Stoltenberg

Don't do it. The man...has responsibility towards his actions and their consequences. He should be supportive and try to save the life of the baby and work towards this--whatever it takes, including financial support of the child and assistance to the mother. - Nels Samuelson

Twenty years ago, I helped pay for my girlfriend's abortion. My immediate reaction to her news was it was an inconvenience that must be eliminated. I never stopped to think about what I was doing. I never considered that a real life was inside her that I had helped her create. I simply thought the doctor was removing some unwanted tissue. My wife and I struggled with infertility. Once, I could create life, but ended it. Now, I (can) do neither.

Years later, I faced the truth. I had selfishly destroyed a human life because I didn't want to be inconvenienced. My rude awakening was "male post-abortion syndrome", a flood of guilt, confusion, and denial that often follows an abortion. - Steve Arterburn

I was a participant in two abortions with my ex-wife...It has been six years since the last abortion, nine since the decision for the first one. Every time I see children of the approximate age of the two lost ones, I cry, no matter where...church, the mall, the park, the library. I want to call their names, Michelle, Danielle, Stephen, William. Their legacy from pro-choice to pro-child. - E-mail message to Human Life Alliance, May 1999

What Are My Options?
1. Parenting
2. Adoption

Your options are limited, but they are definitely available. They can help you determine the destiny of your baby and the type of atmosphere he/she grows up in. Rather than make the irreversible mistake of aborting your child, why not consider the few, but available, options you have as a mother. The following are your two main options:

Parenting: If you choose this option, not only will you be able to watch your child grow up, you will be preparing yourself for one of the greatest and most rewarding experiences ever. However, a lot of responsibilities come with parenting, which you must realize now and accept. Parenting is a lifelong commitment to your child, promising him or her the best care possible, undying love, financial, physical, emotional, and spiritual support. Your main question right now should be whether or not you are prepared to take on this kind of responsibility at this point in your life. Will you have the needed support from loved ones necessary to carry you through this? If you have any doubt in your mind right now, or your answer is "no", take a look at your second option.

Adoption: In case this is your pick, you will still have to go through your pregnancy, despite your relief from actual parenting. During this process, the placement of your child with another family will occur. You can even help in determining which home might be best for your child. You need to be comfortable knowing your child is in good hands, and who better to determine that than you?

Abortion is not an option. A life is too precious a gift to waste. Abortion takes the life of an innocent being without an opportunity to love, grow, and enjoy life. A baby's existence is cut short when a woman makes the decision to abort her child. You were given the opportunity to live, why take the life of this innocent being because of a mistake you made? A decision this great could haunt you and scar you emotionally for the rest of your life. Choose life; it should be every individual's right.

What Happens to the Aborted Fetus / Child?
In some clinics, the aborted baby is put down a heavy-duty garbage disposal. Some second and third trimester babies' muscle structure is so strong that the baby will not come apart. In these cases, they dispose of them through trash receptacles. (As reported by Carol Everett, a former director or four abortion clinics and owner of two in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area, in an interview obtained from humanlife.org.)

In other cases, the babies' parts are sold by the clinics to researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and universities, considering which parts are in demand.

Abortion: Why do Pro-Choicers Push It?
Actually, there are some people who are pro-choice with lack of knowledge. Some just figure that they have a right to choose what will make their lives easier, less stressful, or not inconvenience them. They totally forget they are infringing the rights of the developing children within their mothers.

However, there are some people who are pro-choice for the sole reason of making money. Being that abortion is a lucrative business, there are some people insensitive enough to look past the fact that a live human is killed in the process of abortion. They deny the person hood of the child to the mothers, deceiving them.

Even when babies are born alive during an abortion, it has been found by the Life Dynamic Inc. (LDI), that they are killed. The organs and tissue are fresh then and are shipped to their destinations by UPS, Fed Ex, Airborne, or special couriers, after being packed in dry ice.

Most clinics are run in chains because it is so profitable. Baby parts are sold like car parts; below is a sample of one wholesaler's inventory, as uncovered by LDI.

  • Intact trunk (with or without limbs)
  • Spinal cords $325
  • Gonads $550
  • Brains $999
  • Livers $150
  • Eyes $75

There is even a 30% discount if the tissue is "significantly fragmented."

As a mother, would you be proud to know that you made a decision to literally kill your child just to make someone else rich? Think about it.

Now What?
Now that you know a little bit more about abortion, what is your decision? Are you willing to destroy an innocent being's life without giving it a chance to live like your parents gave you? Are you still considering what an inconvenience raising a child is going to be? Then put your baby up for adoption!

Are you just worried over all? Then, that's normal: even parents having their fourth child are nervous. Parenting is no easy task, but it is one experience you will never forget or regret. Choose life; give your baby chance to call you or someone else "mama". You will not regret it!

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